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About KV2 Audio

KV2 Audio builds speaker systems suitable for venues of all sizes. With incredibly low distortion and extremely high definition, KV2’s point source systems give you the capability to cover more people with less equipment delivering real value in quality sound reinforcement.

KV2 Audio Point Source Speaker Systems cover more people with clear detailed audio using considerably less equipment than their competitors. KV2 embrace a  ‘less is more’ philosophy while delivering you more for less, saving you time, money and increasing your return on investment. Transport costs and power requirements are also reduced making KV2 the green choice for today’s carbon-conscious world.Our systems are truly plug and play, no analysing software, external processors,or third party amplifiers required, making set up quick and simple, even for the inexperienced operator. Designed from the ground up and built with pride in the Czech Republic, KV2 Audio delivers unmatched quality and value for money.

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KV2 SLA: A New Standard

After years of research and development, KV2 Audio is pleased to announce a new standard in live sound reinforcement.Super Live Audio or as we refer to it ‘SLA’ has been developed through KV2’s efforts to achieve the highest possible dynamic range and the lowest possible losses, caused through distortion or the altering of signal as it passes through the audio chain. Further to this, rather than develop technologies that try to compensate or fix problems in a system’s design, KV2 focuses on building systems that are inherently superior from the start.Our SLA standard reproduces high sound pressure levels in large spaces whilst delivering true dynamic range and source representation. There are a number of factors that KV2 have identified that make up SLA and the resulting benefits it provides to the listener. These factors include electronic integrity (settling time), digital sampling rates, pulse response, dynamic range and acoustic system design.


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VHD Series
Entertainment Technology Australia KV2 AudioLarge Format Point Source System designed to revolutionize the market by offering unparalleled quality, power, and coverage with huge cost savings in terms of size, weight, transportation, storage, and set up time.

ESR Series
Entertainment Technology Australia KV2 AudioFull Range Wide Dispersion Active Speaker System – Superb Reproduction of Deep Lows to Pristine Highs From a Single Speaker Cabinet. VHD and Super Analog housed in separate, rack mounted ESR amplifiers.

SL Series
Entertainment Technology Australia KV2 AudioSlimline Wide Dispersion Speaker System – Small Footprint, High Output, Wide Soundfield The SL Series Delivers Like No Other. Compact and modular housed in separate, portable SL3000.

ES Series
Entertainment Technology Australia KV2 AudioUnmatched Output and Clarity from a Compact, Modular, Easy to Use Sound Reinforcement System with all processing and amplification done in the EPAK 2500/R.

ESD Series
Entertainment Technology Australia KV2 AudioESD Time Aligned Passive Speaker Range – Optimum Quality Without The Need of External Processors. Two and three way passive full-range loudspeaker solutions featuring a revolutionary passive delay line.

ESM Series
Entertainment Technology Australia KV2 AudioESM Time Aligned Foldback Monitors – Low Profile, High Definition & Feedback Rejection. Features a revolutionary passive delay line which dramatically reduces feedback. The Ultimate Stage Sound.

EX Series
Entertainment Technology Australia KV2 AudioLow Distortion and High Definition from a Pioneer in Active Speaker Technology. Designed for high quality, high output multi-tasking, portable music playback and live performance in small to medium applications.

Entertainment Technology Australia KV2 AudioGroundstack Active Driven System consisting of KT2.0 with KT2.15 subwoofer using one K-RIG amplifier / processor per side.

Entertainment Technology Australia KV2 AudioKV2 Audio’s legendary Very High Definition Line Drivers on every output, ensuring the highest signal integrity and the smallest loss of signal through long cable lengths. Super Analog processing.

JK – DI Boxes

Entertainment Technology Australia KV2 AudioFully sealed switches and the best available components the JK Series of DI solutions is suitable for recording and live applications. DI solutions set a new standard in audio quality and value for money.