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CAMEO Light. German Designed Precision Engineered lighting fixtures that won’t break your budget

In just a short time, Cameo Light has developed into a leading brand for professional lighting equipment. Our portfolio includes over 100 innovative LED lighting products and accessories for a wide variety of applications – ranging from small clubs to complex rigs at major events.

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Cameo Light is full of plans and ideas for the development and production of sophisticated new products. Using state of the art technology as well as energy-efficient and long-lasting LED technology, we are working hard to implement the ideas and requirements of our users.

Stage lighting with LEDs: low energy consumption, high performance. A common light bulb turns five per cent of the energy it uses into light. This low rate is hardly topped by halogen lamps which go for only 15 to 30 per cent. An LED in contrast turns 95 per cent of the energy it uses into light. Thus, LEDs are ideal for stage lighting and lighting engineering since they are good for your energy balance and for the environment.

No sweat, no tears: Stage lighting with LEDs. The LED lighting technology has many advantages for artists and lighting engineers. The lights dissipate such little heat that they can be touched by hand while they are used. After the event they can be directly removed and taken away. Common control devices can be damaged because of the developing heat. This is no problem with LEDs. The limelight can cause sweat – not only out of excitement. This is not the case with this type of stage lighting. Thus, the headlights can be placed very close to the artist or the object.

Maintenance? Not too often with LED stage lighting. LEDs have a much higher longevity than other lighting devices. Some hundred or thousand hours – then the final straw usually comes for common lamps. LEDs last from 50.000 to 100.000 hours. This makes much maintenance unnecessary. And this relieves your budget. Fans are hardly necessary. If there are any, they are light ones. This means, no disturbing sounds and less weight – further advantages of the LED lighting technology.
Strong colours, high luminous efficacy. Stage lighting with LEDs creates bright light and strong colours. You do not need any additional colour-filters. The LEDs create the colours themselves since the RGB colours are part of the LEDs within a headlight. Thus, every colour can be created. You only need a headlight. Smaller locations are the perfect match for the low energy consumption of the LEDs. One concert, for example, needs a lot of energy for instruments, amplifiers or sound effect devices. This is a burden for the electric supply mains. But the LED’s low energy consumption eases it.



The LED Studio PAR is well established – and could still be developed further with the COB LED PAR. Its distinct feature is the innovative COB lamp. With the COB LED you can have an excellent light quality with an extremely high luminous efficacy. This is due to LED chips which are arranged closely in lines. Extremely bright and shedding a steady light – these are the COB LEDs. They are also extremely durable and consume very little energy. The modules within the COB LED PARs are very flat and can be used according to your available space. Photo studios, exhibitions, presentations, theatres, museums – just like the LED Studio PAR, the headlight is suitable for all of these indoor locations.



Headlights, dimmers, moving heads and other lighting devices are controlled by one standard system: the DMX controller, a mixer console. With traditional control systems every lighting instrument is wired singularly to the mixer console. This is different with a DMX controller. One cable – the DMX cable – is used to operate all control signals. Thus, the lighting devices are simply switched in a row. Additionally, the mixer console’s data is transferred to the single lighting instruments very fast. Do you want to create impressive effects? The DMX controller makes it possible. The different channels and regulators of the mixer console can be operated with the DMX controller and regulated individually. You can control one headlight or a whole group of lighting devices.



Laser lights are highly effective to add animation, drama and serious punch to performances and events taking them to a whole new level. They create exciting and impressive lighting effects at big concerts, mobile DJ shows, in nightclubs and major bars. With its Ioda, Luke and Wookie series Cameo provides compact, easily portable laser lights to generate stunning graphic patterns with razor-sharp beams. Featuring ILDA and DMX control, pre-programmed patterns, sound activation plus master, slave and standalone capability, Cameo pro level lasers are very affordable and the convenient way to create stellar light shows.



Brilliant and bright colours come to you with the LED bar. Clubs, bars, shops and stages are the ideal locations for this slender instrument. It is also the perfect device for interesting light creations in your own rooms. LEDs have a high performance, are very bright and shed a strong and intense light. This is naturally also true for the LED bar. Common lamps can be used about 2.000 hours in lighting engineering. This is only a fraction of LED’s longevity, which can bring you approx. 50.000 hours of light. The LEDs in the LED bar consume only little energy. Additionally, they dissipate only little heat. This is not only good for your energy balance, it is also good for the environment.



If you are used to the classic shape of PAR headlights, you will be surprised to find this version with slender design and low weight, easily to transport and flexibly to use. Compared with common light bulbs, the LED PAR Flat’s LEDs are two to three times more efficient. They are extremely durable, they consume very little energy and therefore, they are the perfect choice. Discotheques, events, light shows – these are only some of the locations where LED PAR Flats are a typical choice. With an LED PAR Flat you will not be without light all of a sudden. After many years, their brightness might decrease, but you will probably not see the day when they finally go out. Another advantage of the LED PAR Flat is that they release very little heat.



With the LED effect moonflower you can have a creative lighting choreography. Create the typical LED effect of discotheques and clubs with the moonflower headlight. That means, dancing lights filling the room with colourful light beams. This intense light effect is mostly controlled by an integrated microphone transporting the sounds in the sound control mode. Although they are moving at rapid speed, you can still distinguish the colourful light beams with the LED effect moonflower. Further features are wide beam angles and the possibility to regulate or programme your choreography manually.



It is the ideal lighting solution for clubs, live performers and DJs: the LED PAR set. Usually, four headlights are fixed to a strong bar and form alighting system. It is an especially popular device for events because of its advantages. An LED PAR set is built up fast with a tripod. It can also be part of a bigger lighting system by clipping it to a rail.



The LED moving head is a multifunctional headlight which can be freely adjusted. If you need a headlight that can be shifted around every axis and has an integrated colour changing system – here it is. It is also equipped with a variety of gobos to project creative patterns. Whatever amount of light is needed, with an LED moving head the light emission can be adjusted with a shutter or dimmer. Shine a light at discotheques, concerts, TV productions, theatres, or fashion events – the LED moving head can be used virtually everywhere where professional lighting is used.



You can have creative lighting outdoors with our LED outdoor PAR cans. They are sturdy, have a high performance and are ideal to envision your lighting ideas. You cannot only light up the environment – you can also take care of it. The LED outdoor headlight has a very bright LED lamp, which is extremely durable and consumes very little energy (up to 95 percent less than a common light). The high quality LED outdoor cans are LED PAR devices. PAR is the abbreviation for parabolic aluminium reflector.



Light every corner of the room and start your own creation of brightness. An LED scanner makes it possible. This is a multifunctional headlight which shatters light beams over the room by reflecting it onto a moveable mirror. Generous tilting angles as well as a very flexible use of the mirrors support a variety of lighting creations – manually and automatically. Gobos, which are attachments, enlarge these varieties even further. They can add patterns, words or pictures. A strong performance, low energy consumption and very lively, intensive colour impressions – these are the distinct features of the LED scanner. LED scanners are an essential part of modern lighting, especially in discoteques. Professional and creative lighting needs professional and creative tools.



The LED PAR, which is a headlight with an aluminium case, is right for everyone in need of headlights which are sturdy and run on little energy.PAR headlights have some kind of history. The first headlights of that type (PAR is the abbreviation for parabolic aluminium reflector) were sold in the 1950’s. Nowadays, they are offered with light-emitting diodes (LEDs). You can adjust the intensity and colour of light with a digital multiplex (DMX), which is a common digital control program. The DMX is used in lighting to control dimmers, moving heads and many more.



Controlling the weather is impossible in nature, but in clubs or discotheques you can control flashes with an LED strobe. This is an instrument emitting flashes of light in determined periods. Cameo’s strobes work with 20 flashes of light per second. The typical disco effect with staccato movements occurs if the LED strobe is used in a dark setting.



The PAR lights thought further – that is the LED Studio PAR. LED PAR lights are extremely durable, consume very little energy and do not pollute the environment too much. Studios in which one part of the headlight is fixed are a common location for the LED Studio PAR. You can use them not only in photo studios or exhibitions – they are also the right choice for theatres and museums. The LED Studio PAR with a double bracket can also be used on the floor.



There are different versions of Cameo-Fluids for professional fog machines, haze machines, snow machines and as bubble fluid for bubble machines. The Fine Fluid creates haze effects with conventional fog machines, which can be easily cleaned with our Cleaning Fluid. Cameo fog fluids are characterised by an excellent reflective behaviour, are not harmful to health and are biodegradable.